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AquaGems Liquid Marbles® -- A Beautiful Way to Water Your Plants

AquaGems Liquid Marbles® bring beauty and functionality to your floral and craft arrangements. They are made of a polymer that absorbs, stores, and releases water, which makes them ideal for fresh-cut flowers and growing plants.
They look like glass decorative marbles (gems). How are AquaGems Liquid Marbles® different? AquaGems Liquid Marbles® are much lighter than glass marbles. Also, AquaGems can be used as an attractive soil substitute for growing plants, as well as a water source for plants and fresh-cut flowers. AquaGems are a great base for arranging fresh-cut flowers because our special liquid beads are soft, flexible and won't damage the stems during positioning. Also, they are colorfast and have a brilliant, bright appearance (polymer has the light-gathering refractive quality of Strauss® crystal).

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How else can I use AquaGems Liquid Marbles®?

Besides providing a base for fresh-cut flowers and growing plants, AquaGems can be used for many other uses, such as with silk flowers, with candles or accent lights, alone as an intriguing focal point, or in other arrangements of your creation.

5th Grader Science Project

5th grade science project shows AquaGems keeps flowers fresh longer than soil or water alone.

How many colors of AquaGems Liquid Marbles® are available?

Eleven individual colors, plus a twelfth that is a mixture of our individual colors (Mixed Ice). All colors of our aqua beads are available in either dry or hydrated form.

Will AquaGems Liquid Marbles® stain my clothing, furniture, or carpet?

No. AquaGems are colorfast. This means that, when the gems dehydrate, the color stays with them. They will not stain other items, nor will they discolor water.

What happens when my AquaGems Liquid Marbles® dry out?

Just add water to rehydrate the AquaGems. Over weeks, liquid beads will slowly lose water through evaporation and as your growing plants or fresh-cut flowers drink the water. This rehydration process can be repeated many times.

Are AquaGems Liquid Marbles® environment friendly?

Yes. AquaGems are non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe.

Make your next event shine with BrightSpot Submersible LED Accent Lights. BrightSpots are a brilliant, eye-catching accessory for decorative arrangements of all kinds. They are battery-operated, LED (light-emitting diode)-type lights. They are submersible in hydrated AquaGems. BrightSpots include a Hang Hook & Loop to allow easy placement within a variety of arrangements. Like AquaGems Liquid Marbles, BrightSpots are available from AquaGems of Idaho, LLC.

Where can I buy AquaGems Liquid Marbles® and BrightSpots

You can order these products online via this website. Also, our aqua beads are available in craft and floral stores around the country.

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Want ideas for floral and craft arrangements? This website includes photos and step-by-step instructions (see Projects) for beautiful, creative arrangements that include AquaGems Liquid Marbles and BrightSpots.

AquaGems Liquid Marbles® honored with Seal of Approval

In 2008, AquaGems Liquid Marbles® received the Creative Home Arts Club Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval, based on a focus test involving 750 crafters who gave the product a 94 percent approval rating.