Welcome to Aqua Gems of Idaho, LLC

Add a Beautiful Touch to your Arrangements and Crafts with AquaGems Liquid Beads


AquaGems of Idaho, LLC, is an innovator in the floral industry. We are an Idaho-based company with manufacturing operations overseas. We sell our liquid bead products at fine craft and floral outlets throughout the country and through our website, as well as through distributors and wholesalers.


Our primary product is AquaGems Liquid Marbles®. AquaGems are a beautiful and functional decorative medium for floral and other craft arrangements. We also make a product called BrightSpot, which is a submersible LED (light-emitting diode) accent light that brilliantly complements aqua beads and other arrangements.

AquaGems are made of a sparkling polymer that absorbs, stores, and then releases water. When dry, a single AquaGem measures about 1/10 inch in diameter. When fully hydrated, each liquid bead expands to about 5/16 to 1/2 inch in diameter.

We sell AquaGems in both dry and wet forms. If you buy the dry form, just add water and within 4 to 6 hours the AquaGems will grow to full size. If you buy the wet form, the AquaGems are fully hydrated and ready for immediate use.

How are AquaGems Liquid Marbles® better than traditional decorative marbles?

  • Attractive soil substitute for growing plants
  • Water source for fresh-cut flowers
  • Great base for arranging fresh-cut flowers (Gems are soft and flexible, unlike traditional marbles)
  • Colorfast (when the Gems dehydrate, the color stays with them and does not stain the water or vase)
  • Our liquid beads have a brilliant, bright appearance (polymer has the light-gathering refractive quality of Strauss® crystal)
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, environment-friendly
  • Gems won't get stained by hard water
  • Aqua beads are sold in either dry or wet form

Other features of Aqua-Gems

  • Perfect for wedding, party, or holiday arrangements
  • Can also be used as candle accents, or as a stand-alone focal point
  • Available in a dozen beautiful colors (including one mixed-color option)
  • All colors available in either dry or wet form
  • Long-lasting (liquid beads can be rehydrated many times)
  • Water-soluble nutrients and fragrances can be added to plants or fresh-cut flowers