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Colossal AquaGems

Colossal AquaGems

Golf ball size AquaGems coming soon!

Marbleized AquaGems

Marbleized AquaGems

  • Absorbs, stores, and then releases water needed for growing plants
  • Can be used as a soil substitue for indoor plants
  • Comes in a variety of new, marbleized colors
  • Available in 10g, 40g, 1lb, and 2lb package sizes

Aroma Beads

  • Come in 35 different fragrances (different colors depending on scent)
  • Available in 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, and 1lb bags
  • Used as a portable air freshener - try in drawers, closets, or lockers
  • Can be placed in shoes, gym bags, and luggage to help freshen and prevent stale odors
  • Use as a decorative air freshener in your home or office

Instant Snow Instant Snow - Hydrated

Idaho Instant Snow

  • Instant snow becomes white and fluffy when you add water
  • It's non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Makes approximately 3 gallons of snow
  • Instant Snow should retain water for about 2 weeks
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BrightSpot Select

BrightSpot SELECT

  • Battery operated, submersible LED light
  • Illuminate craft projects, cakes, floral arrangements, and aqua-gems arrangements
  • Can display blue, red, green, blue/red, blue/green, and rainbow color options
  • Available in 2-pack and 5-pack varieties
  • Approximately 80 hours of continuous use

Rainbow BrightSpots

Rainbow BrightSpots

  • Cycles through red, blue, yellow, then all colors at once
  • Available in 2-pack and 12-pack sizes
  • All the qualities of our regular BrightSpots (see below)

Create Beautiful Arrangements with Brightspot

Make your Next Event Shine with our New BrightSpot!

  • Battery Operated, submersible accent light
  • Illuminate your floral arrangements, craft projects, or create your own exciting lanterns and party lights
  • Hang Hook and Loop for easy placement and a wide range of uses
  • Available in 2-pack and Bulk-pack sizes
  • If used dry, Brightspots can be used many times (up to about 100 hours)
  • If submerged in water, dispose of after one time use (up to about 48 hours of continuous use)
Brightspot - Submersible LED Accent Light